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Writing and Reviewing Papers for Medical Physics

At the 2013 55th AAPM Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Journal Manager Penny Slattery, Deputy Editors David Rogers and Andy Karellas, and Incoming Editor-in-Chief Jeff Williamson presented a 50-minute workshop on Writing and Reviewing Papers for Medical Physics. The power point slides that were used in the workshop are available here. A substantial audience turned out for the workshop, and the discussion that followed the power-point presentation was lively and insightful. The audience response to the workshop was one more indication of the enthusiasm of AAPM members for their journal, and the interest of medical physicists in general in the expansion of Medical Physics into new areas of imaging and oncology, and in the growth of the journal as the leading publication in medical physics worldwide.

Medical Physics Point/Counterpoint

The Point/Counterpoint feature of Medical Physics was introduced in 1998 and this year is celebrating 15 years of success. Since 1998, every issue of Medical Physics has contained a Point/Counterpoint discussion of a controversial issue in medical physics.  These discussions are among the more frequently downloaded articles in Medical Physics.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Point/Counterpoint feature, a compendium of Point/Counterpoint discussions was compiled in 1998 and made available at medphys.org. The compendium, assembled by Colin Orton with some help from me, has proven to be a popular feature of the medical physics website.

We have now a second volume of the the Point/Counterpoint discussions that have been published over the past five years (2008 - 2012).  We anticipate that they will prove as popular and relevant as those published over the first 10 years of the Point/Counterpoint feature.

I recommend the Point/Counterpoint compendium to readers of Medical Physics. I believe you will find them enlightening as well as entertaining.


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