Multimedia in Online Journals via EPAPS

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has expanded the capabilities of the Electronic Physics Auxiliary Publication Service (EPAPS) and is regularly accepting multimedia files (e.g., movie files, audio files, animated .gifs, 3D rendering files) for deposit in EPAPS. Prominent links to EPAPS/Multimedia are also now available in the list of references within the online journal articles. Visit AIP’s Online Journal Center to explore this journal and other AIP publications online.

The addition of links from the online journals to EPAPS allows users to navigate easily between the online article and its accompanying EPAPS deposit. Unique EPAPS references have been placed within the list of references and, for articles with multimedia, a tri-color EPAPS/ Multimedia icon appears at the top of the online reference section. Once an EPAPS link is followed, the list of files associated with that deposit will display in a new browser window. A README file from the author, including explanatory material and instructions, accompanies each EPAPS deposit and should be viewed first.

In general, EPAPS is a low-cost electronic depository for material that is supplementary to papers in journals published by or through AIP. Appropriate items for deposit include multimedia, color figures, and data tables that are too lengthy or of too limited interest for inclusion in the printed journal. All deposits to EPAPS must be approved by the Journal Editor as part of a manuscript’s normal review cycle and require a nominal deposit fee. As with all EPAPS deposits, EPAPS/ Multimedia files may be retrieved by users free of charge via command-line FTP or via the EPAPS homepage.

For additional information about depositing or retrieving EPAPS files, and to explore this popular service, see the EPAPS homepage.